Certification Process

Steps to Certification

PRG provides a simple, transparent and straightforward certification process in compliance with the requirements of international accreditation bodies. We are committed to guide you through and keep you informed about the status of your certification on every step of the process.

International accreditation bodies require that before the certification audit:

An organization completes a comprehensive management review of the quality management system.
An organization conducts a thorough internal audit of the entire quality management system.

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Sample Program

1. Documentation Review
Comparison of top tier quality system documentation to standard requirements in assurance that all are addressed in the system.

2. Optional Pre-Assessment
Informal and/or abbreviated audit to determine the level of system implementation and readiness for certification audit.

3. Certification Audit
Evaluation of the quality management system for compliance with the requirements and verification of sufficient implementation.

4. Audit Report Review, Certification Decision & Issuance
PRG Certification Department Review of Audit Report to ensure consistent interpretation of standards by audit team and provide independent certification decision.

5. Surveillance Audits
Abbreviated audits conducted at semi-annual or annual intervals to verify continued system compliance, effectiveness and improvement.

6. Renewal of Certification
Certificate renewal after successful completion of sixth semi-annual surveillance or third annual audit.